Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? Yes, you can invest online. Yes, you can buy insurance online. Yes, you can buy a DIY Will kit online. But in purchasing these, do you actually know what you have bought? If things go wrong or if your circumstances change, is … Continue reading “Plan For Your Future”

CNS Partners specialises in advising dentists in private practice and we have access to the most up-to-date dental practice research and benchmarking information. The 2016/17 Dental Practice Research Report features detailed insights into: What makes a successful dental practice; Key strategic threats facing the industry; Dentists top business concerns and needs.   There is a … Continue reading “Dental Practice Report And Business Improvement Process”

As we enter September and Spring has finally arrived it is a great time of year to tidy up your business. What do I mean by this? Well I liken this to cleaning out the spare room of the house. For me this is about: Reviewing the expenses the business is incurring. Is there any … Continue reading “Spring Is Here – Time To Dust The Cobwebs Off Your Business”

Father’s Day was on Sunday, did we get presents? Breakfast? A nice card? Cynics amongst us will dismiss days like this as an excuse for retailers to improve their profits. I like to embrace the family aspect, the opportunity to spend time with loved ones and for the kids to pump up my tyres with … Continue reading “Father’s Day – A Time To Reflect”

I personally do not have any real interest in Halloween and I doubt if anyone is overly scared by the customised pumpkins on sale in the supermarkets. But it does provide me with a really lame excuse to tie in to another topic, something that does keep me awake at night – superannuation. Before anyone … Continue reading “Halloween – Are You Scared?”

2017 seems to be flying by with on a couple of months to go until Christmas. It is this time of year that a lot of my business clients take a moment and plan their time off over the Christmas period. For many in small business not only does this mean time with family and … Continue reading “Will Your Business Have Enough Money To Get Your Family Through The Holiday Period?”

This time last year, one of my favourite clients called me a Grinch. She asked if she could have extra money from her super fund over Christmas and I said no – keep in mind that this is her money! The key is that right back on day one, she admitted to not being good … Continue reading “The Grinch”

As we get closer to the start of a new calendar year and attempt to take a break over the Christmas period it is a great time to stop and contemplate what the year ahead will look like. It is also a great time to reflect and determine whether you are getting what you want … Continue reading “What Does The New Year In Business Look Like For You?”

Real Estate prices continue to climb in Australian capital cities. This, coupled with a staggering number of reality TV shows, has seen an explosion in home renovations. I was speaking to a client this week who conducted a major renovation less than 5 years ago and is already considering selling because the home no longer … Continue reading “Renovate or Relocate?”

I met with a client recently whose business was not going very well. For years the business has not made enough money to justify its existence and it was clear that the owner was worn down and very much over it. The client has been with CNS Partners for only a couple of years but … Continue reading “The Importance Of Regular Review”

Failing to plan is planning to fail, according to the old cliche. But who can I trust and what do I actually need? What exactly is financial planning, or financial advice? How can it help me? These are all valid questions, because the entire financial services industry has been under the spotlight recently, mainly for all … Continue reading “Why do I need Financial Advice?”

Besides the family home, superannuation is often the largest asset for most Australians. So choosing the right super solution for you can make a real difference to your retirement lifestyle. One solution enjoying a lot of attention lately is Self-Managed Superannuation. APRA reports that funds held in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) now account for almost … Continue reading “Self Managed Superannuation – Taking The Wheel”

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