Besides the family home, superannuation is often the largest asset for most Australians. So choosing the right super solution for you can make a real difference to your retirement lifestyle.

One solution enjoying a lot of attention lately is Self-Managed Superannuation. APRA reports that funds held in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) now account for almost a third of all retirement savings. The explosion in the popularity of SMSF’s in the past 5 years seems to be an indicator that Australians are willing to put in the time to take control of their retirement.

But be warned! The Self-Managed option is not right for everyone. Once the glow of ‘Taking the Wheel’ has subsided, there is time that must be put into administration and fund management. For those who are already investing personally, this can be a breeze (and often an enjoyment). But for those not willing to play an active role in the running of their fund, an SMSF can be extremely cumbersome.

CNS has been working with SMSF clients since the mid 90’s, and the partners and staff have built a wealth of knowledge and experience as a result. The core SMSF team now administer over 100 funds every year. If you are interested in taking the SMSF route, or already have a fund and need guidance, feel free to contact us.