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Welcome to our Medical Professionals Accounting Services!

Who We Work With:

At CNS Partners Health, we are dedicated to serving the needs of medical professionals. With years of experience, we have developed expertise in working with a wide range of healthcare professionals, including:

  • 1. General Practitioners
  • 2. Specialist Doctors
  • 3. Dentists

Supporting Your Journey:

As you progress through your medical career, from Intern to Resident, Registrar, and finally Consultant, your financial needs will evolve. We take pride in being with you every step of the way, supporting your journey from student to fellowship.

Empowering Allied Health and Pharmacies:

Healthcare is not limited to doctors alone. We also provide specialized assistance to Allied Health Practitioners and Pharmacists. We help you leverage your knowledge and expertise to build a scalable and successful business. Our goal is to ensure that your business not only operates efficiently but also generates significant value for you.

Tailored Services for Busy Medical Professionals:

Understanding the demands on medical professionals, we offer tailored accounting services that fit your unique requirements. As busy and entrepreneurial individuals, you need seamless financial management to help grow your practice and other ventures. Our team is committed to providing excellent communication and support to maximize your financial position.

Expert Structuring for Medical Professionals:

Structuring your finances correctly is crucial for medical professionals, and we excel in this area. Our specialists are well-versed in creating optimal practice structures while considering how these structures interact to provide wealth preservation and asset protection. With quarterly tax calculations and updates, tax planning, and open communication, we ensure there are no surprises when it comes to your finances.

The Experts

Michael Messner

Director – Taxation

   (07) 3188 0250


Frequently asked questions

We have a deep understanding of working with various professionals, including medical practitioners like yourself. We have extensive knowledge about the financial intricacies that medical professionals often encounter. This includes optimizing tax strategies tailored to the medical field, helping you set up your practice, planning for optimal asset protection, optimising your medical billing processes and providing financial insights to allow you to make well-informed decisions.

CNS Partners can play a crucial role in helping you grow your healthcare business by providing financial expertise and knowledge, strategic planning and great communication. We can assist with tax planning, budgeting and forecasting, cost analysis, pricing strategies, working capital management, capital planning, selecting the optimal structure and optimizing tax strategies. We can be a valuable partner in growing your healthcare business by providing financial insights, strategic guidance, and ensuring that your financial operations are well-managed, compliant, and optimized for growth.

At CNS Partners we pride ourselves on great and timely communication, our skills and expertise working with medical practitioners, attention to detail and most importantly, our knowledge about you and your personal circumstances. We are proactive in that we scope our engagement from the outset and deliver what we say we will.

At CNS we maintain clear communication with clients to keep them informed and updated on their finances. We accomplish this via a thorough initial consultation, regular meetings and communications, timely responses and clear action items for both you and ourselves.