Case Studies

Learn how we helped a client determine the true value of their business

A client was drifting along in business with no consideration of how they would exit their business. The business was achieving good profits, but they had no idea what it was worth.

CNS Partners completed a valuation of the business and provided a comprehensive report on how that value was determined.

We then analysed the business and determined where improvements were required, to boost profits and make the business more appealing to potential buyers.

The client sold the business and achieved a price in line with our valuation, far exceeding their initial expectations.

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Learn how financial planning enabled one family to move from financial confusion towards financial control.

A couple with 2 children about to commence costly private schools came to CNS Financial for help. One of them was a high income earner and the other worked part time to balance family commitments. They had significant debt in the form of credit cards and a mortgage. They were unsure of what Superannuation they had and whether their personal insurances provided adequate protection. They were stressed, time poor and felt they would never achieve financial freedom.

Alan King guided the couple through a process of uncovering their current position; the NOW. He then worked with the clients to

prioritise what was important to them, recognising what was causing them pain and identifying their immediate needs and longer-term aspirations; the WHERE.

Using the Now and Where framework, Alan showed the clients HOW. He tailored a financial road map using expertise and a disciplined approach to provide comfort to the clients through an enhanced financial outlook. With ongoing management and measurable outcomes, the clients feel well supported to achieve their financial future.

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Learn how the Better Business Program helped one business to steer themselves towards new opportunities and profitability.

A client with declining sales and profits came to us for assistance. We quickly highlighted that the Better Business Program could help. Ownership by a group of eight members hampered strategic and operational decision making, stifled their innovation and impacted their profitability.

CNS Partners used the NOW-WHERE-HOW blueprint to assist in creating a strategic plan for the business. This involved extensive work on their organisational structure. We enlisted the help of one of our referral partners, a top HR professional with many years of experience, to provide key insights and expertise.

Although it’s still early days since the organisational shift, the client has seen 20% increase in revenue and a 30% increase in profit.

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