The Better Business Program helps people in business succeed. We challenge business owners to think big and work with us on a plan to realise their dreams and goals.

We do this by utilising our NOW – WHERE – HOW business planning approach.

We start the process by establishing the NOW for the business owner.
We then challenge business owners on WHERE they want to be. We discuss goals such as desired profits, retirement dates and business sale expectations.
Once we have established the NOW and WHERE we work on action items to help achieve the goals. This is the HOW.
We capture all of this in a ONE PAGE PLAN. The important aspect is that we meet regularly to keep business owners accountable.

Case Study: The Better Business Program

Learn how the Better Business Program helped one business to steer themselves towards new opportunities and profitability. Read more


The Experts

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Director – Business Services

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Director – SMSF & Business Services

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