The festive season is upon us and hopefully a good time will be had by all. Inevitably thoughts will then turn to the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. Whether you consider promising to lose weight, get a better job, or be nicer to your mum, most people make an effort to assess their current situation and look at ways to improve their lives. But what about a long term plan? How far ahead do we really think and actively prepare for?

Now would be a perfect time to set some long term goals so that our hard work counts for something! When you sit down to prepare the wish-list for the New Year, ask yourself some questions like:

– When would I like to retire?
– How much money will I need to be comfortable?
– What will happen if something goes wrong (eg health)?
– Why can I not seem to get ahead?
– Where can I find the amount of money needed to retire?

We all need a plan. Very few people are lucky enough to win lotto, inherit fortunes or earn so much money that it simply doesn’t matter. The exciting part about living in Australia is that we all have the opportunity to live comfortably if we plan, prepare and manage the process, ideally over a long period of time.
If you would like to plan ahead and set yourself or your family up for life, now is the time to start. If you would like our help in this process, talk to Alan King about how we can work with you to achieve your goals. Until then, enjoy the Christmas cheer guilt free!