Work Reworked 2020 research found that when working remotely employees felt up to 52% of their working time each week is spent inefficiently due to things like unnecessary interruptions, searching for information, and inefficient meetings. As many workplaces have been forced to take up business remotely, identifying strategies and tools to maximise efficiency amongst staff, wherever they might be, is of critical importance.

At the core of operating remotely is the selection of the right software based on organisation and employee needs and desired best practise protocol. Last year Tech Radar named Microsoft’s Office 365 suite as the best all round collaboration software, with its vast range of capability and features available for organisations of all sizes. At the centre of the suites collaborative offerings  is Microsoft teams. This program has been adopted by many businesses due to its seamless unification of Microsoft’s apps in a collaborative and user-friendly platform, resulting in the ideal virtual workspace.

  1. Meet Efficiently
    The Teams platform is designed to allow all meeting assets to be created and stored in one place. The chat facility allows for the meeting agenda, key documents, and links to be added whilst planning. Then when the meeting begins all information is in one place and ready to go. During the meeting distraction is minimised by streamlining assets as well as video, live captions, and background blurring options.  Within the meeting platform participants can edit documents and add to the digital whiteboard in real time. All information including recording, actions and meeting notes are available in chat after the meeting so the team can continue discussions and seamlessly reflect and follow on from the work done. This ensures that all team members are kept in the loop and nobody gets frustrated trying to find materials developed or shown during the meeting.
  2. Collaborate on files
    Avoid version confusion and endless email chains with Teams real time document collaboration.  

    Within teams you can create Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents eliminating the need to switch apps entirely. Documents can be collaborated and co-authored across teams with notes, comments and one click sharing for external parties. Collaboration is enhanced through the ability to start a chat or meeting from a document to discuss edits. This cloud service means no more contradicting edits or comments, just one seamlessly integrated collaborative platform.

  3. Download the Mobile App
    Take work on the go with the Teams Mobile app, access all your teams, channels, and files, as well as participate in meetings from your phone. The app gives you the flexibility to stay up to date no matter the location, ensuring no one misses a thing. However, to set personal boundaries and ensure work hours are optimised the quiet hours and quiet days features are available to structure employee time.

If your team needs more information or training about Microsoft teams or any other area of the Office 365 suite, Nexacu training courses offer the knowledge and hands-on learning to ensure efficiency at work, whether remotely or in person.